Q: What is royalty free music? 
A: Music that is created specifically for inclusion in audio, film and multimedia applications without the normal restrictions, fees and paperwork for use.

Q: Why the need? 
A: Using someone's music without permission is expensive and not legal unless licensed.

Q: Why do I not recognize the songs in your library? 
A: They are all original themes (or public domain) and can only be found in our product catalog. We are the sole source of our music.

Q: What usage is permitted under your general license? 
A: We create our music to be used as a business enhancement product. One of the easiest ways to consider use is to think of royalty free music in the same way royalty free graphics are used. One purchases graphics to enhance the look of a product. But it is not the graphic that is being sold. Royalty free music is created for the same general use. It is used an an underlying support for creating interest in a video or audio product but is not the actual product being promoted. Typical uses that fall under our general license are incorporation into radio advertising, jingles, tv commercials, audio productions, nature videos, slideshow presentations, corporate video, public functions, sales training films, website enhancement, high school video yearbooks and more. 

Q: What usage requires an extended license? 
A: An extended license is required for certain uses. These uses fall into categories where our music is really the focus of the product. For instance, if you are in the on hold message business and a customer asks for a music only track, an additional track purchase from us would be required. You could not simply send them a copy of the track. Other uses involving certain mass productions and release into commercial film and video require an extended license. Please email us with any questions you have regarding use.

Q: May I make a backup copy of the CDs I purchase from you? 
A: Yes. We realize the neccessity of this. Also - keep in mind that if you lose your purchases, we will send you links to your downloads for free. However, we charge $15 each +shipping to replace physical CDs.

Q: Who are some of your customers? 
A: Our royalty free music is used in hundreds of colleges and schools. It is also used in hundreds of businesses - both ordinary and Fortune 500 companies.

Q: Do you accept music submissions from other composers?
A: No. We create all of our music "in house".